Export finance can benefit your company by anticipating the funds due to you by your international clients.

When this cash migrates from your trade cycle into your cash flow, to be used for working capital and day-to-day cash management, the results can be very good.

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You have a great retail product but is having difficulties to sell it in the European Union, US and South America.

Or perhaps the sales performance of your product is not the best in those markets. We can help you.

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You want no pain with your supply or sales delivery logistics? We can help you.

Logistics can be and usually is a pain. Why spend your time and human resources on logistics when you can have them working to grow your sales?

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Strategic Sourcing the best Products & Services at the best value. Quality. Cost savings.

Business efficiency drives everything you do from day-to-day operations to financial results. At Aksert, we understand that, and our experienced associates give you access to new procurement practices and supply chain efficiency.

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NTA 3D Construction

40% menos mão de obra.
30% menos material.
75% menos maquinário.
5 minutos para construir lage de 1 metro quadrado.

Construa até 4 vezes mais rápido. Edifícios, hotéis, armazéns, sedes corporativas, módulos de betão para contenção de encostas e mais. Veja o vídeo abaixo.


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    Regia Douro Parque Tecnologia
    5000-033 Andrães • Portugal

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