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Retail Distribution, Market Entry,


You export a great retail product
 but sales are below your expectations.

Or perhaps the sales performance of your product is not the best in those markets. We can help you.

We have business contacts since long with the purchasing departments of the biggest supermarket chains, wholesalers and distributors in those regions.

We deliver you significant results that will impact positively in your global sales:

  • Bring you new clients
  • Detect and close marketing gaps
  • Map and resolve performance issues in the sales channels
  • Reduce your logistic costs
  • Advise you on customising your product to international markets

When you increase sales, the value of your company grows too. This is what one of our clients found out. Click the button Read Case Study to read their history.

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Logistics, Reduce Costs, Outsource


Logistics can be a pain.
Why spend your time with it
when you can focus on growing your sales?

According to a Capgemini study, among the top logistic challenges faced by companies, are:

  • Cutting transportation costs
  • Business process improvement
  • Expanding sourcing from new markets
  • Improved customer service
  • Supply chain traceability 

Contact us so we can make an independent check on every link of your supply chain, from supplier to your warehouse, the charges you are paying for it and deliver to you a detailed report with the issues we found out and the solutions to be implemented.

We have intensive business contacts with the local and global logistic providers and a solution for your needs is waiting just for you to get in touch with us. 

Sourcing,Procurement,Cost reduction


The best Products & Services at the best value.
Quality. Cost savings.

Business efficiency drives everything you do from day-to-day operations to financial results. At Aksert, we understand that, and our experienced associates give you access to new procurement practices and supply chain efficiency.

  • Supply chain improvement
  • Finding and selecting suppliers
  • Planning and implementing new sourcing strategies
  • Make, buy, purchasing and logistic advisory
  • Logistic execution

Sourcing comprises the analysis of your customers’ needs, market conditions and the goals you set for your company.

Aksert’s third opinion (3O) may give you competitive advantage:

  • Increase the quality of your products
  • Standardise pricing
  • Access to new quality suppliers
  • Cost savings along your supply chain
  • Improve your overall operational efficiency

Click on the button Read Case Study and see how we spared €1,5 million (US$1,6 million) for one of our clients in a sourcing process.

With our international business networks in Latin America, US and the European Union, we deliver local results where other firms cannot. Contact us. 

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